Real Time
Market Analysis

Get the current picture of what is happening in the financial markets as quickly as possible. Our daily technical analysis feed provides key insights on current trends into global market.

AT Premier Service will provide you a derived-data service (DDS). we can provide to advanced FX
traders wishing to capture an edge on the markets’ major analytical views and sentimental targets. With consistent enhancements to its proprietary algorithms, AT Premier assures its added analytical value to the FX market.

AT Premier provides:

  • Data Trends & Stats which is an effective numerical and descriptive statistical tool tailored to evaluate unique historical data derived from institutional trade ideas.
  • A Quantitative Models which is FX signals and targets derived from a selection of institutional quant models.
  • FX Forecasts which is a continuously updated FX forecasts from more than 20 institutions available in one comprehensive overview with a tracking feature for the most recent changes.

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